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Todays achievements

One (now two pieces) nintendo ds charger, one amplifier cable (4 bites in total out of the yummy casing) and the plastic off of the guitar stand....

Wow - I'm on a mission.

Ps - are we allowed to eat runner beans - have seen differing opinions?

My den

I have taken to spending most of my time (as soon as the door is open for me to get into the room) behind the armchair in the lounge. I love it there. It's quiet, cool and carpeted. Woe betide anyone who pulls me out!!!

I have very impressive bladder control and can stay put for hours. If the doors closed I'll scratch it (or the floor) until the two-foots give up and let me in. I don't care it they're out - I want to be in my den.

Cheep cheep......

Mum's calling me names! She keeps muttering about me being a bun with 'special needs' - I can't think waht she means.

I've starting digging in my litter tray- I can make carefresh and poo fly everywhere - for miles - its' great fun.. I have to wait for mum to sweep up and then I do it all over again. You lot need to try it - it's fab.

I've also hatched another plan- when there is only the horrible bits of my mix left- I have worked out how to get rhe lid off the bird food box- and help myself to the bird seed - even managed to open the plastic bag.

Special needs - I think of it more as a special talent?
It's all so confusing this feeding info!

I went for my post fur-cut check up on Friday. I passed with flying colours. My wound is beautiful.

Mum said she was thinking about changing slowly onto pellets (prob supreme science) as I was half-way down my last sack of Johnsons. The vet told me that I should - and SHOULD ONLY HAVE AN EGG-CUP FULL OF PELLETS A DAY!!!!!!!!!! Mum questioned this saying that she was aware that Frenchies need enough protein to maintain their bulk and good looks. The vet said we get everything we need from grass and hay. Veg 3 times a week and the odd piece of fruit as a treat.

I'm a growing boy - I have a lot to live up to with my beautiful family. It's difficult to know what to do for the best- and after all our two-foots only want what is best for us.

The good news is that mum has found a local supplier of Mr J's so I could carry on eating that. Mum thinks a egg-cup full is too little - and besides it would look silly in my dog bowl!

I think that this info is okay for the 'avarage bun' no offence to anyone - but us Frenchies have different needs- am I right?


Good recovery

Just thought I would update you on how I'm doing. Very well indeed!

I've still not nibbled my stitches and I'm just as bouncy as before. Less of the ankle circling however.

I even mmanaged to mountaineer on Saturday - and knock over the sugar crystal growing kit - what a lovely sticky mess! I managed to tread it prety much everywhere. At least it made mum clean the floor - and my tummy too.

Eralier today when mum was sorting office stuff I managed a chew on some blue tack- mum made me spit it out quickly though. Shame I thought I looked 'cool' chewing.

It's very cold here today - am staying by the radiator.

I'm home!

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for all the vibes. I have survived my trip to the vets - I seem to have a bald bit where there wasn't one before. I stayed in a little longer as I took a while to wake up, eat and drink. I've been fine since getting home- I have eaten and pooped well! I have even left my bald bit alone- I don't have to wear a collar like my predecessor.

Apparently I weigh 2.2kg now.
Mum wonders howlong before she notices my calm, cuddly nature..........


I'd left a few sticky squidgey poos around this morning. Mum was concerned I was ill. Dad said - what did mum expect - any boy would be 'loose' if he was having his "+**+$%**" off Thursday!

What can this mean - I'm no longer squidgey so am I in the clear for tomorrow?!

They've arrived!!!

I am apparently the proud owner of a 'palpable pair of testicles' - until Thursday.

Whatever can this mean.....................

Mix the mix?!

Mum's wondering what to do?

I just will not eat the little brown pellets in my Johnsons mix- I've never been that ken on them but I won't eat them at al now. Even when my bowl isn't filled for a couple of days - i eat cardboard (or anything in preference to them really). We have half a sack of Johnsons left - do we stick with it or try pellets rather than the mix. Mum knows I need to make any changes very gradually - and that it's important I have enough protein.

What do you think?

Herbie (& mum)

(Ps - am being taken to see VET tomorrow to have my bits looked for........)

I can do it - whenever I like!

Jump over the playpen at the bottom of the stairs that is- whoopee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so glad it wasn't just a one off.

More and more trouble lighting candles here too- I can't help trimming the wicks.