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Hope everyone is ok and enjoying the festivities?! I've had an exciting time- my nose is well and truly put out as the Christmas Tree has been put right where I like to lay- I had to resort to chewing through the lights- cable protector and all......

I've now been banned from the lounga and am having to make do with the dining room carpet to lay on - have been quite stroppy........ Hope the tree comes down soon.

Mum noticed I was limping a little this morning. I seem to be carrying my back paw awkwardly and dragging my paw a little. I'm well in myself though. As you knowI'm not the cuddliest bun so put up a good fight when mum tried to look at me. There was nothing obvious so she carted me off to the vet (on a bank holiday and all - think she felt she had to as she's going away for new year!). The Vet thinks I've strained my hip as it's a bit sore on examination. I do dash about and crash into my cage on a regular basis so that may well be the case. I was jabbed with metacam and I've got to go back for a check up tomorrow. Mum was glad they jabbed me - she knew she'd lose on trying to get me to take it orally. Fingers crossed I've improved tomorrow.


I can just see the lovely green grass in the garden and the forecast is for more white cold snow on Thursday!!! I don't want anymore of it. I miss my grass, and I don't like even popping my nose outside when it's been snowing. I'll camp out in the corner - I've not been booted out by the Christmas tree yet- although I having a feeling it won't be long.....

I have developed a new addiction to chewing the cushions- I think they look better for a few holes. Mum keeps muttering about redecorating and new furniture - I'm just trying to help the cause - honest.
Hello everyone

Sorry it's been so long but don't seem to be able to get much time on the computer.

It's freezing in Derbyshire - I have been 'made' to go outside. I'm quite happy behind my armchair. In fact I'm worried about leaving it as last year a big tree with lights and baubles was put there for a few weeks!!!! I was very put out. Hope they have other plans this year.

Anyway - I don't really like the snow- it's too cold- I just try and get back inside - after all I am HOUSEBUN you know.

Anyone heard from Earl & Daisy?


An Essex bun

Just returned from a few days in Essex staying with more grandparents. I am well practiced at travelling in the car and snooze in the footwell at the rear, being very well behaved (unlike when at home!!) I only managed to leave my mark in the radio time which I managed to snatch from the coffee table. I had a few spinach leaves form the allotment while I was there too - lovely.

They left me at my lodgings and went to Colchester Zoo (a real family favourite) and saw lots of continental giants - gorgeous. Can't wait until Auntie Karen breeds some - do you think giant/lop crosses will have sticky up or lop ears??!!

My trip to the VET

I went for my myxi jab last Fri - I was quite well behaved, although I didn't like having my teeth looked at much. Apparently they are ok- a little 'going over' but no burs as yet. Will need to keep an eye on them - not if I can help it though!! Will have to be good & eat lots hay..

I weigh 4.9kg - not sure if that makes me a light weight??!! Or a healthy bouncer??!! I was congratulated on my beautiful glossy coat

Trying for pictures - fingers crossed!!!!!!

Hopefully posted below will be two lovely pics of me.

I may look a little wet in one of them as I'd been investigating a water feature in the grandparents burrow on my trip to Sussex.

picture help

What is mum doing wrong???!!! Everytime she tries to upload an image from the scrapbook it just comes out in code.... no photo.

At least she has managed to get them into the scrapbook - what can I do with her- maybe a need a new computer person......

I'm still here.......

Hi everyone

Firstly let me apologise for not posting for so long. It's just been so busy. It looks as if I have missed alot of news - some of it very sad. Our love to all of those two-foots and buns.

I am well. I was 1 at the end of July so I must be fully grown now. Nowhere near as big as bruno though. I had some photos taken at the weekend - will try and post them - but silly mum is struggling with new camera soft stuff??!!

I've been on holiday again, to sunny Sussex. I really am very happy travelling in the car, and adapt to holiday surroundings well. Although I did leave my mark on a sky cable......................... New ones are easily obtained however.

I don't seem to stop moulting - black fluff everywhere - is this a black bun trait?

Love to you all.

My first holiday

I've been away for a few days.
I travelled done south to sunny Sussex. I was surprisingly good (according to mum) in the car. I settled in my litter tray for the journey- didn't want to sit with anyone (not letting up on my aloof behaviour for anyone).

The best bit was seeing peoples faces at the services when I hopped about on my lead. The worst part was meeting a big black labrador - I had to hide- it was just too much for me.

Glad to be home

Big trouble.......

That's me apparently.

This week I have chewed a whole in two sofas - right in the best visible places. And worse I've bitten everyone! Not sure why I'm so grumpy - mum had to go out and buy more plasters.

Yours moultingly